Is A Portable Generator Right For You?

Is A Portable Generator Right For You?

By In Uncategorized On October 23, 2017

When our power goes out, for some of us, its simply a nuisance, for others however, it can present a real danger to health and safety.

Should you consider buying a portable generator?

  • When there is no power, a portable generator can be very handy to have. The benefits are that they are small, so are easy to take to different locations, which is ideal for camping or going to remote locations etc.
  • They also typically run on gasoline, which is usually easily available.
  • You don’t generally need to obtain a permit to own or operate one. They are something that requires a complicated installation.

Some words of caution though.

  • When deciding if you should purchase a portable generator. Its very important not overload a portable generator, this will not only prevent it from working efficiently, but could also present a risk of fire.
  • Portable generators produce carbon monoxide, which we all know can be deadly, therefore, never keep one running in the home.
  • Don’t have your generator running near water as this could cause electric shock.
  • We are all well aware that gasoline is a very flammable liquid. If it is accidentally spilled on to a hot generator or exposed to flame, this could be very dangerous.
  • Portable generators are designed for corded appliances. You will not be able to power hard wired appliances.

This is a few things to consider when thinking about purchasing a portable generator.

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