Seal Off Your Meter Box

Seal Off Your Meter Box

By In Uncategorized On January 17, 2018

For most of us, our electric meter box is on the outside of our home. The meter is basically how the power company keeps track of how much power we use (and how much we owe them for using it). In many areas, it is actually the home owner who owns the meter box itself, while the power company owns the meter inside.

While all of that may seem pretty straight forward, there is actually a maintenance item that seems to get forgotten about quite often – Where the SE cable (the main power line) enters the meter box. But why is this an important area of concern?

Consider what I see inside of electric panels. For one – moisture. As moisture runs down the SE cable it runs into the meter box. After that it really only has one place to go: inside the cable coming out of the bottom of the meter box. After that, I usually end up finding it inside the electric panel.

​So to avoid this type of safety issue, seal off the SE cable entrance point into the meter box.

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